About Us


Nowadays, the rapid development of modern technology lead to fact, that sometimes it is very hard to find your place, and our goal is to help your case, to do not get lost, and stand out among all other competitors.

Artvens is a young and experienced web studio, which can help you to create a websites, mobile applications, logos and corporate identity, SEO promotion in search engines, and SMO position in social media and a lot of other interesting stuff for you or your business.

Our company is from Lviv, Ukraine which is situated in eastern Europe. Our team consists of professionals, who are passionate in their work. Our company was founded in March of 2008. We started Artvens primarily as a web development company, but over the years, as our client’s needs grew, we grew our skills and abilities. We now define ourselves more broadly as an interactive digital agency. Over the past years, we have sucessfully delivered hundreds websites, logos, business cards.

We adopt an iterative approach to design and development using methods such as Scrum. Why? Well, it’s quite simple: it’s lower risk, more cost effective and you, the client, get a better product as a result.
We work in quick iterative cycles, producing working prototypes that we can test with. Doing this makes sure we’re on the right track every, single iteration.

We serve all sizes companies from around the globe. Even if you’re from New York, London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Sydney or Paris.

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