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Today there are many examples of successful and not so campaigns attempt to use modern information technology. We can consider successful examples of viral project implementation for better process understanding and following rules formulation for promoting such marketing campaign.

One of the most successful campaigns which were held recently is the advertisement of Old Spice Company, which advertised shampoo for men. This campaign was promoted basically with the help of video clip on TV and Internet. In promotional videos presented by company were o lot of fun, incredible transformation, but the basic idea was to show that scent of shower gel and deodorant Old Spice can transform beloved man into true embodiment of woman dreams. Also, the campaign created accounts in popular social networks, where they gave in the form of video answers to the fan. As a result, this advert has brought the brand not only the first position among sales, but also Cannes Grand Prix in advertising.

Another interesting example, different from the previous one, is the story about web site million dollar homepage, which helped its creator without significant efforts to earn over one million dollars. This site was created by Alex Tew in Continue reading…

marketingIn today’s world old technology rapidly fade away and are replaced by new ones. The same is happening with advertising. Old technologies and advertising methods gradually disappear and are changed by newer and better adapted to modern conditions ideas. Viral advertising is such a new-age method, which uses fresh options of modern world and helps to promote products regardless whether it is a big company or small family firm.

Viral marketing is the general term for different advertising techniques that are characterized by spreading in progression which is close to geometric progression, where the main distributor of information are the recipients of information by creating content that can attract new recipients of information with the help of bright, creative, extraordinary idea or using natural or confidential message. The viral advertising got modern features with the advent of Internet, when it got unique instruments for its spread such as youtube, facebook, twitter, vkontakte. Viral advertising mainly takes the form of video, photos, websites or games in which is hidden hint to the advertising subject, and if this advertising Continue reading…