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Web Design Prices
We are offering high quality website design services for everyone, doesn’t matter if it is for individuals, businesses, or organizations. With us you will get a unique tool to promote your products or services professionally online, Artvens Digital Agency is here to deliver the results you want.

Our team is consists of creative web designers, skilled Internet marketers and experienced web developers. Having strong knowledge in content management systems (CMS) like a WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and OpenCart, we can a create manageable and handy website for your business that brings customers to you.

At the beginning we will ask you to provide few websites that you really like, it may be websites related to your industry or websites of your competitors. In conclusion we want to deliver you website with fresh design, that will be useful for your purpose and it and do not get lost among all others. Our work is guaranteed. Payment is taken only after successful delivery of the desirable results. We want to impress you with a modern, original, and professional website for your business

Even if you have an existing web site, but you are failing to achieve the goals set in front of him. Or maybe under the influence of fast lapse of time your website lost his keep pace with time, and eventually you want to redesign it? we can help you to accomplish it. We can make fresher look for it. To completely redesign website and make it like new from scratch, we will revise colors, fonts, and images in best ways and techniques. All our work will aim to give your website a nice look and provide improved online experience for people, customers who will visit your website.

Our services will be maximum configured for your needs, we have flexible system of discounts, complete with features that could be set for your needs and your individual wishes, in each web design package provided by us.

Factors that Affect Website Design Pricing
There are a few other factors that will affect the pricing of your website:

  • Graphic design work: Graphic design is one of the most time consuming part of website developing. If your site requires lots of original graphic design work then most likely expect to have to pay a little more for this.
  • Changing your requirements: If we develop your website or some part of your website as we agreed with you and you afterwards change your mind about what you need and want, the work that we done will still have to be paid for. This makes it really important that you carefully specify your website requirements before work start. Be sure to plan your website requirements and know what you need. If need, we can help you with this.
  • Texts typing: Having to type large texts from paper documents consume time. You should always try to provide your documents in electronic format. The actual format of your filese is not particularly important as long as it is saved in a file. Even emailed text in plain format is fine. The formatting of this text would have to be changed for the website anyway.

We hope that information mentioned above gives you a good understanding of our typical web design rates and prices. You must however understand that it is difficult to generalize on website design prices. Each customer’s needs & requirement is different and costs of work can vary tremendously. The prices listed above are however good examples of Artvens Digital Agency typical web design costs.
If you need addtitional information just email us at info@artvens.com, complete our WEBSITE QUOTE ENQUIRY form or simply call us for an informal chat about this.


Logo Design Prices
How much a logo design should cost?
This is one of the most common questions that designers get from business owners, and one of the most complicated to answer without knowing your specific requirements.
Of course this is the same for many different services offered by other professionals until they know the full scope of the work involved.
Professional designers will almost always customize their prices to suit your specific needs. For example, let’s say you need a logo for a online store and you don’t need to have it prepared for use in print reproduction. The price for that job will be considerably smaller than average prices that are for both print and online usage.
Here at Artvens Digital Agency we love graphic design! and our team specialize in Logo’s & branding. We believe a quality logo is important building block for a successful & well knows company image. We also realize that not everyone business owner can afford a custom logo design for their business, that’s where our special logo design packages come in to play.We have 4 to choose from and as you can see, all with very affordable prices. If you need addtitional information just email us at info@artvens.com, complete our LOGO DESIGN QUOTE ENQUIRY form or simply call us for an informal chat about this.

Before deciding please check out our portfolio here, and what clients are saying about us on social media(Facebook, Twitter).


* Turn Around Time
We can only work as fast as our client allows us. Turn around time depends from client. If requirements are provided sooner, initial and on going tasks are clear, changes requested are reasonable, then turn around time is usually very low. On the other hand it could radically increase due to client in-actions, delayed mock-up approvals, back change requests, etc. The turn around times that we give for our customers are based on