We are glad to announce that we almost finished our new company website. For some time we work directly with customers, and on that stage we didn’t need our website. But we decided to expand, and the first step in the long way was the creation of our own website, logo and name that would have formed us as a brand.
Every project we ponder clearly. We decided to keep simple and clean lines in the design. We took color sheme from our logo. For sections of the site, we decided that it would take page with services that we offer, portfolio to present our work. We also have long thought about how to present prices for the our services. First thoughts were that the client will write basic requirements for the project and we will send the approximate estimate for it. But eventually we came to the conclusion that we should divide basic services into packets, write what comes along with each of them, and add a price. It just would help to improve transparency, and show clearly for our customers what we offer and on what price they could expected, and if they will need any additional requests, we are happy to reply how much it will cost. Another important structure segments for the site that we wanted to create was blog. It was for the reason that we could write our thoughts, tips of your own business, advices to maintain own website, account in social networks or search engines optimization. Then after all this we started creating the site. Also decided that initially we positioned ourselves for website creation, branding, SEO and SMM promotion in search systems and social networks, and for the future, we plan to develop mobile applications, software, promotional videos, because we already have opportunity for it. So if there are any suggestions or questions, please contact us and we are glad to help.